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    • DiviniTEA’s Tulsi (a mix of Rama, Vana & Krishna), the divine herb, delivers a calming20 & stress-relieving21 effect in addition to anti-oxidants derived from the Kangra Green Tea.
    • Our Organic Tulsi Green Tea is purely nature’s goodness that packs a punch of many rich nutrients19 aiding in building immunity while relieving several pains.
    • This nature’s grace could be relished in the mornings and evenings for a boost of energy.

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DiviniTEA Organic Tulsi Green Tea Leaves - What To Expect?


This morning tulsi green tea could be a great start to your day. A strong peppery & spicy rich flavour of Tulsi. Can be enjoyed hot or cold


Golden yellow liquor with a strong astringent aroma


Certified Organic Kangra Green Tea, Organic Holy Tulsi (Basil)

Are all products claiming to be Organic, REALLY ORGANIC?

Beware of products merely citing themselves as ‘Organic’ WITHOUT any mandatory certifications or by simply including the word ‘organic’ in their name itself. Trust products only with the Certifications of NPOP, NOP, USDA, PGS-India, BioSuisse, etc. You would be able to ascertain their authenticity from the official logos printed on their outer packing.

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