The KHAGOFE Guarantee

Having consulted innumerable tea professionals & globally recognized tea connoisseurs, we, at Kangra Tea House, have judiciously selected the ‘must-haves’ or top-ranking attributes that make any tea, a world-class tea.
We are tempted to draw a parallel of our 7 ‘must-haves’ with the 7 high-altitude sacred lakes in the Himalayan region where Kangra Tea grows.

K – Kangra Tea Whole Leaves
H – Hand Crafted by Professional Artisans
A – Globally Awarded in International Tea Competitions
G – Finest Grade only without Mixing Lower Grades (usually the broken leaves ortea powders/ dust)
O – Certified Organic from Estate to Cup with Zero Non-organic Ingredients
F – First Flush (very first pluck of the season which is the most premium andriches source of antioxidants) & Nothing Else
E – Earth Friendly from Growing to Packaging

Why is KTH Kangra Tea ‘Simply The World’s Best’?

The Kangra Tea is most enigmatic of treasures from The Great Himalayas, especially from the exotic Kangra valley. These perennial exclusive Chinese tea bushes planted in this pristine micro-climate (GI Tagged) back in 1850s speak of an intriguing saga of endeavor & courage. Adjudged as the “World’s Best” in the Western world in several European competitions stand to its glorious heritage only to be forgotten after the devastating Great Himalayan Earthquake. Kangra Tea is naturally a specialty tea with a distinct golden brew paired with a sweet undertone, but with none of the astringencies associated with ultra-premium teas. The liquor remains consistent even with 3rd & 4th extracts underlining its exceptional quality. A highly celebrated tea teeming with incredible health benefits enhanced further by The KHAGOFE Guarantee unquestionably makes it the No. 1 choice of the tea connoisseurs across the world.

High-Five from Happy Clients

The Healthiest Cup Of Tea

Kangra Tea is well-established by researchers as one of the richest & unparalleled sources of anti-oxidants like EGC & EGCG, offering distinctive health benefits especially for the people with Diabetes¹ , Liver Issues² & Heart Ailments. It is also well-known to prevent Brain-related Disorders and even certain types of Cancers².

 Besides, these anti-oxidants (polyphenols & flavanols) have been verified to boost Immunity by fighting infection-causing Bacteria & Viruses³ on one hand, and increasing the Gut-friendly Bacteria (Probiotics) for healthy people, on the other.

Many of these tremendous health characteristics are specifically attributed to this exclusive variety grown in this peculiar microclimate, rainfall, soil and elevation of the Kangra valley. 

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